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Kitchen and Breakfast:

– Clean the sink (dishes will be placed in dishwasher, not hand-washed).
– Clean exteriors of the appliances.
– Clean the interior of the microwave.
– Clean the kitchen stove.
– Clean the countertops.
– Clean the exterior of the fridge.
– Dishwashing is an additional cost to the service.
– Clean the exterior of the hood.
– Empty the trashcan.
– Clean the tables.
– Sweep and mop the floors.
– Polish stainless steel appliances.


– Clean and disinfect the toilet.
– Clean and disinfect the sink.
– Clean and disinfect the bathtub and shower.
– Clean the countertops.
– Change towels if left visible.
– Decorate with toilet paper.
– Polish faucets.
– Clean hard surface floors.
– Empty the trashcan.

All Rooms:

– Dust all surfaces.
– Dust the blinds (not individually).
– Change and make the beds if sheets are left on the bed.
– Polish furniture.
– Pick up under beds as far as possible.
– Lightly organize magazines and remote controls.
– Vacuum inside closets (only).
– Dust carpets.
– Clean shelves.
– Sweep and mop floors.

Living Rooms:

– Dust all surfaces.
– Lightly organize magazines and remote controls.
– Sweep or vacuum under furniture.
– Dust furniture.
– Arrange decorative cushions.
– Dust the blinds (not individually).
– Use chom-chom roller on furniture if there is pet hair.
– Sweep and vacuum floors.
– Mop floors.

Not included in any cleaning:

– Washing dishes, pots, and pans (only with prior appointment).
– Carpet stains.
– Outdoor attic area.
– Construction debris and dust.
– Inside of cabinets and drawers (only with prior appointment).
– Pet waste.
– Interior trashcans.
– Ceilings and windows above 8.5 feet.
– Windows and doors from the outside.
– Under heavy furniture.
– Inside of the dishwasher.
– For health reasons, we will NOT clean blood, feces, vomit, or urine from either humans or animals.

Additional services with prior appointment:

– Oven cleaning.
– Refrigerator cleaning.
– Laundry washing and folding.
– Patio cleaning.
– Dishwashing.



  • Dust on fans up to 8 feet. Dust on blinds. 
  • Windows from the inside. 
  • Dust on vertical surfaces such as doors, door frames, pictures, and shelves. 
  • Kitchen surfaces on the outside. 
  • Cobwebs. 
  • Stove (only the exterior part of the hood). 
  • Air conditioning grills (only dust will be removed). 
  • Cabinet surfaces on the outside in bathrooms. 
  • Light switches. 
  • Dust on lamps and lights. 
  • Additionally, everything is included in regular cleaning. 
  • An additional charge will be made for baseboards.

Not included:

  • We will not include additional services. 
  • Additional charges may apply.

When you book a Move-Out or Move Clean, you’ll get a complete service that includes:

  • The oven
  • The fridge
  • The cabinets
  • And inside windows. 

This service is meant to restore the home to its original condition and prepare it for new owners.

  • Canceling more than 48 hours in advance gets you a full refund. 
  • Canceling within 48 hours puts the payment in your account for later use. 
  • Canceling within 24 hours means you won’t get a refund.

Beyondmaids  is a membership program that lets you book cleanings at our most affordable rates.

Your first cleaning covered a $30 discount using your discount code. After that, Beyondmaids membership grants a discount on our standard rates.

We strive to maintain long-term relationships, but we understand there may be certain circumstances where that is not possible. In that case, a customer may elect to cancel their contract with 30 days’ written notice for any cause and without penalty.




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